WNY Sweet Corn Trap Network Report 9.25.12

Only a few locations are still reporting this week. European corn borer numbers remain low. Corn earworm are still being caught at some central NY sites, and fall armyworm are high at a couple of locations. Keep in mind that fall armyworm do not behave like the common armyworm that mowed down everything in its path earlier this year. Usually if they are a problem at this time of year, they were out laying eggs in whorl stage sweet corn earlier in the season, and emerging in the tassel. I don’t have experience with what newly hatched larvae will do in silk stage corn, but they may very well find their way to the ears. So if you are growing the very latest corn of the season, keep them in mind.

This is the last report for this season. Thanks to everyone who collaborates on this trap network. It would not be possible without the contributions of many, who I will not name for fear of forgetting someone. But you know who you are. And thank you.

Trap catches for the week of 9/18-25/12

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